needs must when the devil drives

needs must when the devil drives
Needs must is used elliptically for ‘one needs must (i.e. must of necessity) go’.

c 1450 J. LYDGATE Assembly of Gods (EETS) 1. 21 Hit ys oft seyde by hem that yet lyues He must nedys go that the deuell dryues.

1602 SHAKESPEARE All’s Well that ends Well I. iii. 29 He must needs go that the devil drives.

1835 SOUTHEY Doctor III. lxxxiii. Needs must go when the Devil drives.

1843 SURTEES Handley Cross III. xi. Needs must when the devil drives!.. But I’d rather do any thing than injure that poor blue-eyed beauty.

1978 T. SHARPE Throwback iii. I don’t want to marry the damned woman either, but needs must when the devil drives.

2002 Times 22 Feb. 24 Applied conscientiously in the rush hour it [the rule ‘women and children first’] would ensure that no male adult would ever reach his office on time, if at all. Needs must when the Devil drives is a more realistic motto for the Underground.

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